A Synopsis of 'Life under Democracy'

16 Oct 2012 - 12:30

Dale Yudelman's exhibition Life under Democracy has moved on from Johannesburg and is currently in Durban. The exhibition's next stop is Cape Town at the AVA Gallery opening on the 29th October 2012.

Dale has been receiving good reviews in the South African press including in the Mail & Guardian and Sunday Times. Yudelman's images for the display were all shot with an iPhone and explore life of ordinary South Africans. Reviews by Marianne Meijer from The Mercury stated that "his images are truly spectacular, and at the same time make us aware of the change that slowly takes aplce in our country. The images are not only beautifully presented but also meaningful in today's South Africa."

Dale Yudelman.

Photography in Africa has always exposed the underlying narratives, from the colonising lens that dehumanised many people to the reflection of life under urban oppression. Followed by the defiant imagery of struggle photography and now freedom photography. All these forms posed questions of power and its ramifications for the communities and people that it showed. Similarly Dale Yudelman's work pushes one to look into the newer South African narrative mirror. While the narrative and the subject may have changed, from tyrannical racial oppression to democracy, the narrative of governmental power in another form continues.

More about Dale's work and exhibition can be viewed on his website found at

The book that has been produced in line with the current exhibition also titled Life under Democracy is available at the galleries, selected bookshops, Jacana Media or online from