Ernest Cole Award Winner 2013

13 Aug 2013 - 11:30

We are excited to announce that 2013 winner of the Ernest Cole Award is Graeme Williams, whose submission is titled ‘in da city’.

The study explores Johannesburg's inner city which has served as a first stop for many new arrivals since its formation as a mining town many years ago, yet is a city that has always been vibrant and is in a constant state of flux. Graeme portrays ‘da city’ in a dreamlike, tourist way as if one were a tourist that is approaching a foreign place with the associated disorientation that comes with this.  The body of work is an attempt to avoid a critical observational photojournalistic approach and to rather approach the subject with a softer outsider's gaze.

Williams has a long history of looking critically at issues in South Africa and the continent. He has published and exhibited widely in South Africa and abroad. His books include:- The Edge of Town – Monograph. Graphis/Highveld Publishing. 2011. Graeme Williams Photographe – Editions de L'Ceil. Selection of recent work. 2010 The Inner City. Exploring isolation through life in Johannesburg. 2000. The Floor. A book documenting the last year of open outcry trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 1996.

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